Adventures in Glass

Have your ever gone in circles about something until you are paralyzed? Well that’s me right now! It feels like I’ve made NO progress at all getting my blog going. Truthfully I can say that about my Glass skills too!! I’m totally distracted by my not moving forward with this blog. Ive always found it impossible to be creative when I just don’t GET IT!! Even as a Speech Therapist I couldn’t bring creativity into a session unless I knew how the treatment worked technically. Once I was comfortable with that my therapy was so much richer. And new ideas came to me from everywhere.

I may not get a picture attached to this message but I can offer you a small insight. If you are a Facebook user, there are several groups just for fused glass art. I belong to 4 groups (I think) and they keep me going and re-focused on the challenges of creating with glass and the hope of a beautiful ending. The group members talk about their mistakes and ask for help. Others post a new creation and the excitement of a beautiful fused glass piece. I usually start my day reading the posts and searching for Pins so I don’t totally forget why I’m trying to “Get it”

I welcome your insights, however I haven’t figured out yet how to make that easy for you!