Creativity thru Glass

I didn’t find fused glass in the beginning. I was looking for a fun hobby to try since I had just retired and wanted to add a little color to my life! I happened to see a groupon for stained glass and decided to try it. I worked on a simple piece. I liked the piece and loved the glass❤️ So I chose a second piece to try-more difficult but I was ready! Not only was the pattern more difficult, so was the glass I chose! Grind. Grind. Grind! I thought I would never get the pieces to fit! Finally it was ready to foil. I took it home to foil. Tripped as I went in thru the door! Broke every single piece! THAT WAS MY LAST STAINED GLASS PROJECT! I still have all the broken pieces in a bag to remind me of the experience!

Adventures in Glass